Always at the forefront

We are a young and well-trained team, with extensive experience in the industrial automation sector. We are constantly recycling and at the forefront of the latest technologies. We are committed to the client, to find and execute the best solution to their needs.

¿Why choose us?

Installations and distribution panel

We give full coverage to our clients, in order to carry out their projects from start to finish. With more than 400m² of our own facilities, we shape all types of paintings, leaving finished and tested at destination, receiving the SG seal.


We collaborate with the most important clients in the manufacture of special machinery. We help with our experience and dedication that the machines reach the final customer on time and with full guarantees.

Maintenance and breakdowns

Incorporation of technicians in the client's facilities for the management and maintenance of their processes and machinery, as well as the coverage in possible failures that may affect production.


We are able to develop schemes for the execution of new projects, such as making changes and corrections that help the realization of the final project. We have an E-Plan license.


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